A Bird Came Whispering

Winston Saoli (1950 - 1995)

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Winston Saoli | 1950 - 1995 Soweto School of Art 1960 - 2010 | Big Five

Winston Saoli is considered to be the father of the Soweto School of Art movement very much like Claude Monet  is considered to be, and often referred to as the father of the impressionists. Saoli is one of the "Big Five" group within the Soweto School of Art movement. In 1998 he became the first Soweto School of Art artist to be included in the permanent collection of 20th Century Artists of the Museum of African Art, The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC.   


The "Big Five" being Winston Saoli 1950 - 1995 | Speelman Mahlangu 1958 - 2004 | Eli Kobeli 1932 - 1999 | Peter Sibeko 1940 - 2013 Joe Maseko 1938 - 2007 | These five individuals were the intellectual leaders within the Soweto School of Art and greatly influenced the other artists comprising the movement playing a significant role in the central underlying philosophy captured in the artworks created by the group...  

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