Circle Of Life

Hargreaves Ntukwana | 1938 - 1999

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Hargreaves Ntukwana | 1938 - 1999 | The Soweto School of Art 1960 - 2010

Hargreaves is one of the "Top Ten" most prominent artists within the Soweto School of Art group. Hargreaves's work has one of the most extensive international footprints of all the 21st Century African artists. His works have been included in private, corporate, museum, as well as foundational collections across Europe, including the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain as well as Italy. In the USA and Canada, he is very well known and collected. His earlier works completed during the period spanning 1970  through the late 90's particularly sought after by collectors. 

 Hargreaves Ntukwana | 1938-1999

“Circle of Life”, Mixed Media
c. 1980, Size 68 x 49cm
(Size given of the artwork only)

* Highly recommended Hargreaves is one of the "Top Ten" group within the 
Soweto School of Art 1960-2010 art movement
Valuation R 10,000.00