Catch Of The Day

Tarizai Munzvhenga

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Tarizai Munsvhenga 1981 ~
“Catch Of The Day”, d. 2016
Oil on Board, 75 x 45cm
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 Tarizai Munsvhenga | 21st Century Contemporary African Art | Zimbabwe

Tarizai is one of the emerging 21st Century African artists active in the Sub-Saharan region. He lives and works in South Africa although he is is a Zimbabwe national. Tarizai began his professional career as a fine artist in 2014 when he first joined the Soweto Fine Art Association of Sub-Saharan black fine artists. He showed great progress spanning the  4 years as he developed and explored his talent. In 2018 his work and demand for it on the markets earned him the prestigious "Soweto Fine Art Gallery ~ Artist In Residence" award. The extensive marketing campaign which is part of the award propelled his artworks onto the national as well as international art markets with exposure to thousands of art lovers and collectors across the globe. Tarizai was earmarked to exhibit with Soweto Fine Art at ArtExpo New York in April 2020. Unfortunately, the expo was postponed to April 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic. The time is right to invest in Tarizai's artworks not only for their aesthetic appeal but as a sound financial investment for the future.