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Soweto Fine Art Gallery

Established in 1996…
Soweto Fine Art Gallery was established and founded in 1996 by Martin G Britz. It first opened it’s doors in the Rosebank Mews, Johannesburg, South Africa trading under the name “Winstons”. The name was given in honor of Martin’s close friend and well known South African black artist,  Winston Saoli.   For Martin, the opening of Winstons was a natural extension and progression of many years he had spent  working with black artists from Soweto.

Today Martin G Britz is recognized as the leading global authority and fine art specialist on the works created by the group of 28 black South African fine artists accredited to the “Soweto School of Art”.   The “Soweto School of Art”  has received international recognition and acknowledgement as the first black “school of art” to emerge from the African continent. Soweto Fine Art Gallery has grown from strength to strength over the past 22 years. It is the oldest South African black fine art specialist gallery, and currently represents the largest group of black fine artists from across the African continent.    

At the age of 16 Martin bought his first two paintings -  an Eli Kobeli, mixed media and a Winston Saoli oil. He had been severely bitten by the art collecting bug, and is yet to recover from the symptoms some 30 years later!  
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